i do think a lot

I think a lot,
I think and think,
I dunno what i’m thinking.
I’m not worrying something that i don’t noe yet will happen,
So i do not think..
But i still think..
I like to rationalize what i think, what i heard and what people told me
Sorry if u don’t like it.
I like to think, so i make people think as well..
Sorry if u dont get direct answer from me..

I like to think,

Sorry if sometimes i’d be quiet
I think to think,
So that i anticipated a lot thing in my life,
What thing do i think?
I dunno what i think..
I just think, think and think,
Thinking is a lotta fun.
Is thinking weird?
Duh..What am i thinking?..
Sometimes i think too much..
I’ve been through a lot in my life..
I noe what people r thinking in their mind,
I read their body language..
I think what u think
Sorry if i noe what u’re thinking..
What’s all this thinking topic is all about?


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