12 things women find annoying about men

please ignore if not applicable unless you are married.HEHEHE

 1. Roving eyes and flirty behaviour

We've heard it a million times: you're hard coded to do this. But restrict that behaviour for when you're a swinging single. We hate it when we're out on a night out with you, and, bam, you've decided to indulge some hot chick in a side-by-side, ear whispering conversation that's supposed to be reserved for us. Some discretion goes a long way. When you flatly turn your head or move your eyes away from us to where there's another woman, we experience irritation in various shades of red - from being annoyed, threatened, somewhat embarrassed, to the incredulous fact that you're doing that to us, right in front of our eyes. When you "accidentally" touch her arm or lean in towards her, we go completely livid. Have some heart, baby!

2. Not generous with his emotions

 Men are like well-engineered fast cars, build to withstand shock and trauma. But being macho and emotionally stronger does not mean that you have emotional license to cry at a sad movie but miss the opportunity to affirm us. We're not asking you to be whiney or have a moment of insecurity. We just want you to make us feel good by telling us you love us, miss us and that we're wanted in your life.

 3. Blowing hot and cold, and disappearing frequently

 Yes, we know you love the chase. But the cycle of one week hot (sexts, texts, calls), one week cool (three texts about work), and the next week an exhibition of disappearing behaviour is not cool, dear. You aren't the only one has work deadlines or who wants space. If we aren't working out, it's OK (though it'll hurt) to call it quits. But disappearing without a trace, and wanting space from me without adequate explanation, is sheer display of disrespect. It's innately annoying because we can't make head or tail out of it. If you think it's the end of the line for us, be man enough to come out and disclose the cold, hard truth - gently, of course. A broken heart hurts, but time will patch our wounds.

4. Take the lead

Be easier to read, baby - are you into me or are you not? Don't you want to spend more than three days in a month with me? Saying I come first but slotting me in 4th place after you, your work and your life, really doesn't equate to tying first place, does it? Saying you love me when you see me once in a full moon cycle equates to love not from the 21th century, but from the stone ages. All women want to feel needed and loved. Words don't make a good enough dent and actions are non-negotiable. Let's stop playing men are from Mars and women from Venus and close in on the planetary gap now that space travel is possible.

5. Moody, emotionally unavailable men

 Moody men exist - one minute they're hugging you, affirming you're special, next minute they're snappy and short fused. Not being emotionally available when you say you are is not cool after you've made us fall in love with you.

6. No more ex talk

It's irritating, to put it mildly. We're in your lives now. Make us a priority. Our time with you is precious and not best spent doing therapy for your past lives. You think the odd comment about your first love and ex-girlfriends is harmless, but it's annoying, bordering on offensive. Talking about the ex is a "no go" zone, a lose-lose situation. Focus on keeping us happy. Your sex life before us is non-existent to us. If a previous girlfriend surfaces in conversation, spare us the torrid details and don't make us feel like you're walking down memory lane.

7. Selective hearing

 Selective hearing does not discriminate between men. Worse still, some men simply tune out. Minute amounts of female information miraculously make it into the ear canal and they grunt affirmative one-syllable words to make you believe they're listening to you pour your heart out. Men the world over have sat glued to a television set while their mates take a stab at meaningful dialogue. It rarely ends well. The 43 inch TV usually wins.

8. Ego the size of Pluto

 Peacocking, or showing off, is a natural male instinct. Most women don't want to hear you talk incessantly about army days, college pranks, athletic prowess or how many other women want you, past, present and future. Be proud of your achievements but don't drone on about what you own, who you know and how much you're worth. Bragging at every opportunity does not make you a babe magnet. Displaying rudeness and arrogance is not macho, it's immature and insensitive. Being polite and courteous shows polish and saves you a seat as a new age man.

9. Forgetfulness

Men oversimplify this into a catastrophe waiting to happen. Forgetting to pick up toilet paper, juice or teabags is bad enough since you were the culprit that emptied out the last bits of juice. But forgetting dinner plans, scheduled in date time, birthdays or, god forbid, "the anniversary" is bound to build up resentment of the atomic kind. If you genuinely can't remember, pen and lock it into your daily planner. In this way, you not only remember, but you'll score points if you surprise us with a thoughtful gift or clean up real well before our dinner date together. We understand you didn't mean to maliciously forget but you've succeeded in making us feel unimportant, unappreciated and disappointed when you do.

10. Adjustment of male parts, forced manufacture of smells, fashion faux pas

 Don't fart in my face. Don't belch right next to my olfactories. It may have been the top dog thing to do in school when the boys compete to see who delivers the loudest fart or the biggest belch. But that is so passé now. If you still think it's hilarious, think again - you might not get the same lip service you hoped down under. It may not be sexual but please don't scratch your man parts or adjust their dormant position in public. Practice some decorum! If you must, talcum powder yourself if the heat and humidity is acting up in the southern zones. Oh yes, the footballer shaven head and five o clock shadow may be a perennial in. But the gangsta look is always out. It's OK if testosterone doesn't give you the full set of hair you really want. Just keep it neat and styled. And there's no need to be a fashion victim. Well groomed is good enough.

11. Addiction to porn, booze, anything that walks

 Know your limit, that's all we ask. Don't make us feel like you're more addicted to porn than to us. The same goes for booze. Sure, enjoy a drink with the boys, but a drink with us once in a while is nice, too. And,\ stop gawking at the tall, long haired girl in the boob shirt.

12. Selfishness in the bedroom

 This one cuts both ways. You want sex all the time? We do, too. But we like reciprocal bedroom activity. It's not always about you, babe! Sometimes no means yes, and sometimes (especially if we're insanely angry with you), no means no! And 15 minute sessions don't count. Making love count We love you and we want you. But we secretly also want a male technical manual to guide us and help assemble our perfect man. But there's no such thing. So, we grapple with our reality and we tread ever so carefully. It's a delicate balancing act but someone's gotta do it!

13.Dont post annoying status .( facebook or twitter.)

This is respons from other people.hehehe.yeahh if u noticed i always post before,but now no more already.We getting old mannnn,so no need to post any problem you face into social networking web and bla bla bla.Girl feel annoy about this.*insaf


p/s:no.13 live from me.peace!

Dalila & Hadi Wedding

eh jangan salah faham pulak.bukan dalila kahwen dgn hadi.dua individu yg berbeza kawen dgn org yang berbeza.faham tak?haha.both is kawan gua.panjang nau explaination guaaa.

aku tak predict pon minah ni nak pakai kaler pink sebab dia dulu mcm GELI color pink.sekaranggg?dah ladies kan.HAHAHAHA

AMBOI.kemain lagi haaa.mentang2 dah halal.

and below is hadi wedding.1 of my close fren since skolah rendah till now.kalo balik kg gua ajak laa dia lepakkkk.sekarang balik kg nak ajak sape lepak ek?takkan nak ajak jaguh kampung tu.tak koser aku.

favourite color gua siaaa.awak color ni belah saya ok?please.hikkksss.

lebauuu nau sonyummm.


insan kesayangan gua.
Siap you orang!! kahkahkah

p/s:gua lambat lagi.insyaALLAH ade jodoh dan rezeki maka kahwin lah aku.
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