vomit word

geez..i have so little time even to check my blog, pardon the long horny hiatus.

lets improve our abbreviation's dictionary shall weeeeeeeeeeee...?

gempen: gemuk pendek:

lampi: lambat pick up.

pendi: pendrive (i knoe its stupid and idiotic)

F.I.N.E : freak out, neurotic, insecure and emotional.

miss j : miss jalang/pompuan jalang.

horny : horrified barneys.

N.E.R.D : no one ever really dies.

B.L.O.G :Boring Lump Of Garbage.

P.D.A : Public Display Affection (owh, tak suka pasangan keji itu!!!!)

E.T.H.E.R.N.E.T : Educational Training for Hungry Ethnic Refugees Near Easter Trial.

E.M.T.A : Evil Math (calculus) Teachers Association.

also, watch this for your enlighten horny brain for words we will neveeeeeeerrrr used . ever. period.

p/s: mau cramp lidah aku di buatnye...


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